The Art of Remembrance

ws://design steht für Werner Schmiedel. Er studierte Grafik-Design bevor er sich der künstlerischen Photographie und dem Medium Video/Film zuwendete. Dieser Background hilft ihm in der Umsetzung von Ideen und Vorstellungen seiner Klienten, um klare und übersichtliche Webseiten zu gestalten.

Von seinen Kunden sehr geschätzt ist die rasche verantwortungsvolle Umsetzung und Webseitenpflege, wobei manche Projekte bereits seit über zehn Jahren betreut werden.

International Film Circuit, inc. | Wendy Lidell
"Besides delivering a beautifully designed, easily navigated website in a timely manner, Werner Schmiedel also understands filmmaking and film distribution, and has thus been able to serve as an active participant in the development of our website. Unique among web designers, Werner understands the way the film industry works, and is always ready with a good suggestion for how to make our site more effective. This has proven invaluable."

Werner Schmiedel's background in graphic design, photography, filmmaking and computer knowledge provides the ideal set of skills to create clean, elegant, and well-organized web sites.

Thomas & Associates, Inc. | Geri Thomas, President
"Everyone loves our web site. We receive numerous compliments from our clients who tell me that the site is engaging and a pleasure to navigate. And, most importantly, our splendid web site continues to attract new business for us! Werner Schmiedel created our site and updates and maintains it on a regular basis. He knows how to produce beautiful and professional web sites, and he delivers in a reliable and timely fashion."

Red Diaper Production | Wanda Bershen
"Werner Schmiedel created my site for my company 6 years ago, and works with me regularly to upgrade and maintain it. He is not only a gifted designer, but able to make web sites truly user-friendly, a rare talent. The site has been essential to showcasing our projects and attracting new clients -- I cannot imagine how we did without it!"